Ever since I first launched this site many years ago with a view to creating a leading UK Online Community for Anglers, one of the other original intentions in addition to getting the forums flowing was to create a blog that people could contribute to with fishing articles.

The plan with the new blog is pretty much the same other than actually having it work out somehow.

People who may find this option particularly useful may include:

  • Budding Angling Journalists looking to get noticed by the more established magazines
  • Unemployed Angling Journalists looking to keep their hand-in until they get a proper writing gig
  • Budding Angling Authors looking to become the next John Wilson, John Bailey or Chris Yates but can’t get a publisher to pick them up, and can’t figure out how the hell to use self-publishing options such as Amazon Kindle, Lulu or Blurb, so need another outlet to write at.
  • People who just want to write a fishing blog without having to screw around with the nerdy technical aspects such as configuring PHP scripts or doing SEO to get the thing found.
  • People who want to do a British fishing YouTube channel & blog similar to the scale of American fishing social media efforts such as LunkersTV or LakeForkGuy, but don’t have the nerdy know-how to get there
  • People with an established fishing website or blog looking for somewhere to write guest articles.

Advantages of becoming a Contributor on Blogs

At this stage there’s no real monetary advantage to doing so, as I’m broke asf, but I’ve long had under consideration the possibility of creating a Contributor Dividend Scheme of some description should the earning potential of the website ever become fully unlocked.

It still wouldn’t buy you a house on the Norfolk Broads or other legendary fishing location (or for me either for that matter, probably)….. but I’m hoping it would at least be enough to cover the cost of your rod licence or get a new rod out of it if that plan ever comes to fruition.

Current Advantages include:

  • The site may not be an as established brand name as Anglers Mail, Angling Times, Sea Angler or Improve Your Coarse Fishing….. but you’ve gotta admit has some pretty decent potential as a name waiting to be unlocked.
  • Website hosted on some of the most powerful webhosting money can buy without going the whole hog with a dedicated server, so should be pretty much glitch free.
  • A hope of getting noticed to enable going on to greater things.
  • Freedom from stupidly excessive political correctness BS.

Other Information of potential use:

  • Accompanying photographs can be uploaded directly to the blog’s internal system, otherwise you may want to consider using ImageShack or PhotoBucket now they’ve wound back their image hosting fees enough to not need to take out a mortgage to use it.
  • If you want to include video content to support an article, but not have it on the site’s YouTube channel, you’ve naturally got a choice of putting it on your own YouTube, DailyMotion or Vimeo.
  • To contribute, you can either create an account and ask me to upgrade it to the necessary level….. or just e-mail me the article for approval + to copy & paste into the blog with link to a website or social media profile to credit it to you.
  • Other voluntary work options on the site will probably become available as long as people use the assorted bits of it, so probably end up needing a moderator team sooner or later, for instance.